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Grow with speed,
scale and traction.

Whether you need to increase leads, accelerate sales, or optimize customer service, HubSpot's marketing, sales, and service software solutions are designed to help businesses grow more effectively and efficiently. With HubSpot for Startups, you get access to the same powerful set of tools at a fraction of the cost, only through PIVVOT can you get the HUBSPOT FOR STARTUPS category and all the discounts and consultancies  what he brings.

Explore all the benefits it will bring you, learn Hubspot's inbound methodology 

​What is the HubSpot for Startups program?

  • EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES AND TAILOR-MADE TRAINING | Content, master classes, and 24/7 support to grow your business. From dashboard templates to quick tips on customer acquisition, this content is made just for you. Plus, you'll have access to world-class support from HubSpot experts and a personalized onboarding experience .

  • PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE, EXCLUSIVE PRICE | Access to the HubSpot Growth Platform, a complete suite of marketing, sales and customer service software, with a completely free CRM at its core, to help you grow and scale better. The software grows as you grow, so you also have access to in-person product training.

  • INTEGRATED PLATFORM FOR ENTREPRENEURS | Access to over 500 software integrations, as well as the opportunity to create an integration on the HubSpot platform.

[Listen] Join 3.5 million listeners around the world

Want to learn from top startups, founders, innovators, and creators? Ready, listen carefully as Startup Grind brings together like-minded but diverse people connecting, learning and teaching. Its most recent episode featured Chris Do, an Emmy Award-winning designer, CEO and chief strategist at Blind, and founder of The Futur, an online education platform with a mission to teach one billion people how to earn a living. doing what they do

[Benefit] 50% discount on the Masters of Scale Courses application

HubSpot and Pivvot are partnering with Masters of Scale to help you and your community grow better. We are giving our clients a 50% discount on the initial membership price of the new Masters of Scale Courses app, a guided learning experience designed to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset through daily learning practice. Redeem your course using the code: HUBSPOT

Developing an attractive and inclusive brand is key to the success of a startup in today's digital world. As we've proven time and time again, words matter and how we use them matters. Check out this article on how companies can leverage language to make concepts more understandable, more readable copy, and more usable products.

[Read] Inclusion is a design principle

[Program] Learn how Amazon data can help founders

In this episode of The Startup Story, James McKinney joins Elizabeth Grojean, founder of Baloo Living, as they discuss key resources founders can use to leverage Amazon data. Business founders can use this untapped data source (for free!) To quickly determine where opportunities lie and what products to bring to market. Watch the episode that appears on here.

When you enter a destination into a GPS, an overview of a trip is displayed. This provides a high-level understanding of where you are going and how the pieces connect. So they can dive deeper and see the directions step by step. This is the goal of HubSpot's recently released "Get Started" guides. Each guide is a roadmap for quickly setting up HubSpot.

[More Information] HubSpot Releases "Get Started " Guides

[More information] Making memorable presentations

In this resource-rich fundraising article from Pillar, your startups will learn how to develop launch pads to successfully raise Series A venture capital. This article includes:

  • A presentation storytelling template

  • 15-20 examples of different pitch decks

  • Launch Pad Title Tactics and More!

[Read] Are companies experiencing falls in the summer?

In recent years, entire industries have experienced dips in the summer, or seasonal drops in sales or web traffic. This year, business leaders expect steeper declines as more consumers travel or unplug. To help businesses navigate this changing landscape, we dived into 2021 web traffic and transaction closing data from more than 103,000 anonymous HubSpot customers around the world. Explore the findings here.

[Free course] Take advantage of LinkedIn for companies

With more than 740 million active users, LinkedIn is a valuable social platform that all founders should take advantage of. That's why HubSpot launched our new LinkedIn Marketing for Business course, where your community can learn how to build their presence on the platform, drive business growth, and connect with leads, customers, and potential employees.

[Listen] Introducing ... The Shake Up

Perfect for entrepreneurs, HubSpot's latest podcast, The Shake Up, is a show about leaders, change makers, and business model busters. Each week he examines the decisions leaders dared to make that broke the status quo and shook their industries. Hosted by Alexis Gay (comedian, formerly Biz Ops, Patreon) and Brianne Kimmel (founder, Worklife VC), tune in to new episodes airing each week starting August 3.

Black @ INBOUND Community : Networking Event

On August 11, Black @ INBOUND will host its monthly virtual networking event. This month's theme revolves around workplace culture. Get together with other members, talk about your experiences, find your next collaboration, and make meaningful connections. Register now. We will get to know each other.

Virtual: Wed, Aug 11 @ 9AM or 4PM (EDT)

[More information] Get certified by HubSpot August 2-6 and we'll donate $ 5 on your behalf

Looking for ways to incentivize your founders to develop their skills through learning, networking, and certifications? As part of HubSpot Academy World Certification Day, we will donate $ 5 for each HubSpot certification awarded (up to $ 30k) between now and August 6. This year's donations will benefit Teach For All's Global Girls Education Initiative. Check out our new World Certification Week learning paths.

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