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Capital raising  for 
companies with high innovative potential

Time is over! 

The announcement closes to register  a Pivot 2 

Do you​ What is this about


  • This call is created by the alliance of three expert entities in business creation and business scaling PIVVOT, HUBSPOT AND ALIANZA 2030.

  • Aimed especially at graduates of the best universities and clusters on the coast, which have created companies with high
    innovative potential.


What does the program include?

  • 2-month acceleration program where  we increase the level of projects with growth potential.

  • Pre-designed business plan to receive investment.

  • Tools, templates and free software as part  of the program.

  • Consultants advising companies throughout the process.

  • Financing for companies that meet the program requirements.

What is our purpose?

PIVOTEA is a program in order to implement the objectives of  sustainable development raised by the UN.

We will achieve this by implementing changes in the way our economy works by financing companies that generate environmental impact, social impact and regional development.

What topics will be worked on
during the PIVOTEA program

Our alliance with Hubspot allows us to train in the Pivvot + Hubspot methodology,

Innovation + Growth.


Through a program of  2 modules we will increase the quality and accelerate the business ideas of your project, so that they generate solid bases to pitch to investors.

Month 1

Month 2

Among the topics that will be discussed during the trainings 
groups are:


  •    Circular Design  

  •     Finance

  •     Strategic marketing

  •     Product or Service Innovation

  • Inbound marketing 

  • Export of products 

  • Organizational structures 

  • Corporate governance


When applying we will ask for the following:


  •   A 3-slide summary explaining your offer  value, business model and work team.

  •   A video pitch of maximum 1 minute.

  •   Two years of seniority in the company.

  • Be nominated by a University or clusters .

  • Be a beneficiary of the scholarship from your University or cluster with an 80% discount on the value of $ 6,500,000 pesos.  Then the value to be consigned will be $ 1,300,000 VAT included.

Selection of Beneficiaries 

​To select  the companies in this call, PIVVOT will give two quotas for each University or linked clusters to carry out a pre-selection and  nomination to the best 
candidates for the PIVOTEA program. It is a prerequisite that each company be nominated by a University or clusters.​


What is the HubSpot for Startups program?

  • EDUCATION RESOURCES AND TAILORED TRAINING |  Content, masterclasses, and 24/7 support to get your business growing. From board deck templates to quick tips on customer acquisition, this content is made just for you. Plus, you'll have access to world-class support from HubSpot experts and a personalized onboarding experience.

  • PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE, EXCLUSIVE PRICING | Access to HubSpot Growth Platform, a full suite of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core, to help you grow and scale better. The software grows as you do, so you have access to in-person product training, too.  

  • INTEGRATED PLATFORM FOR ENTREPRENEURS | Access to over 500+ software integrations, as well as the opportunity to build an integration on the HubSpot platform.


Compete with entrepreneurs or SMEs graduated from other universities, after a selection process 2 places per university will be chosen, being the winner of this competition catapults investments and sends a message of "who is the best".

Starting a business is lonely and challenging. Working with other people who are going through the same challenges makes a huge difference. Founders who have been through our program tell us that the community is extremely valuable.


In this program you will receive:

  • Free growth software sponsored by HUBSPOT and PIVVOT

  • Toolkits and business plan templates,  pitch decks and much more

  • Rubbing in competitions that catapult to international experience.

  • The program consultants are former CEOS  and experts advising fortune 500 companies and many startups and SMEs.

  • Get advice from the best innovation consultants in Latin America, take advantage of this unique opportunity to create.

Meet other entrepreneurs who have been successful in our programs


Has moved 19 billion in the last year​


It received financing for 1.2 billion and now makes more than 80 thousand homes a month in Colombia


It has exported to more than 6 countries in the world, has 7 patents


More than 50 stores created and an alliance with Coca Cola femsa and Finsocial to finance entrepreneurs


Electrical systems design and assembly company, turnover of 350 million between 2019 and 2020



Senior Competitiveness and Innovation Consultant

MBA - Master of Business Administration.  University of  North

  International Business and Marketing Specialist.  University of  North

Postgraduate in Strategic Management. University of Pittsburgh

BS  Business Administration.  University of Florida

AA Associate of Arts.  Tallahassee Community College

More than thirty years of experience in the manufacturing industry of plastic, Styrofoam and paper products. CEO for 30 years of Productos Unidos, a company that exported to more than 30 countries  in the world packaging made of sugar cane pulp.

Extensive experience in Competitiveness, Logistics, International Trade, Marketing, Sales, behavior of human talent and organizational transformation, process optimization. Analysis of competitiveness and market gaps. business and company valuation.


Deep knowledge in research, innovation, technology and private and public competitiveness. University professor of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Negotiation and business development skills. Excellent interpersonal relationships, leadership, adaptability to change and openness to continuous learning. Optimization of resources, generation of ideas, plans, execution, achievement and evaluation of results.

arturo linkedin.jpeg


Senior Innovation and Strategy Consultant

Master of Business Administration: Hult IBS
Industrial Engineer: Universidad del Norte

Executive Education: Harvard Univ, Product Design and innovation ecosystems

Arturo has more than 10 years of experience doing consulting, and since 2014 he has worked in  IXL Center a multinational company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts specialized in Innovation, strategy and leadership consulting. He is a consultant coach, and has worked with more than 105 companies in the United States, Colombia, Spain and other countries around the world.

Foto Laura Duarte.jpg


Service Design Consultant

Service Design Master at University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

International Relations Universidad del Norte, Colombia

Laura is an expert in service design using various techniques such as customer journey mapping. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies leading the transformation of internal processes and services and redesigning customer experiences. In England he has written several articles on reimagining the future and how to start today to generate changes in society to a more sustainable one.



Guest Master Speaker

 S (Ph.D.) Harvard University, Field Of Study Systems Biology (Research on nanotechnology and super-resolution microscopy) PHD, Co-founder & Head of Innovation, invaio Co-founder & CEO, Clubes de Ciencia Colombia


foto arnaldo.jpg


Guest Master Speaker

Master of International Business from Hult International Business School

BS Industrial Engineering Metropolitan University of Venezuela

Arnaldo is an Innovation Consultant  Senior with experience working Fortune 500 companies in Latin America, the US, Asia and Africa, helping executives find new growth ideas and accelerate their way to market. Currently Arnaldo also holds the position of Disruptive Innovation Manager at National Grid power transmission company in Cambridge Massachusetts, he is a former Innovation Consultant at IXL Center.

Questions? Write to us at info @

  • 1) Conocemos de las becas que ofrecen, pero mas allá de eso ¿hay otro tipo de financiamiento? ¿Hay inversión para las Startups participantes?"
    1) Si, el El fondo de inversiones Alianza 2030 para el Progreso cuenta con 40 millones de dólares para invertir este año, dejamos aquí información en este vinculo acerca de la Alianza 2030 que es nuestro aliado en este proceso
  • 2) Quisiéramos saber quienes son los mentores que estarán con las Startups. De ese listado ¿Los founders podrán escoger los mentores o ustedes los asignan?
    2) En nuestra pagina web esta el listado de consultores que van a trabajar en el programa con cada empresa, a continuación el vinculo
  • 3) ¿Ustedes pedirán participación en la Startup?
    No, nosotros ni el fondo de inversiones Alianza 230 pedirá acciones de la empresa. La modalidad de inversión es po proyecto en el esquema de cuentas por participación.
  • 4) En el escenario que queden mas de 2 Startups por parte de la Universidad de la Costa, ¿Cómo seria el proceso para definir quienes obtendrán las becas?"
    Nosotros le concedemos la potestad a ustedes las universidades de seleccionar las empresas que serán beneficiadas con la beca en las dos categorías : etapa temprana o empresa con tracción
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