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[Creo una aplicación para jugar a League of Legends (rotacíon de Rey de Rencores)] Hemos desarrollado la primera aplicación de solo lectura para MoBA (Multi Player Battle Arenas) y League of Legends. La aplicación trae cambios de control que están sujetos a un sistema de consola a plataforma. Tenemos varias opciones de controlo: Mouse Joystick («Mo-s») Xbox 360 thumbsticks («L») Xbox 360 D-pad («R») Xbox 360 face buttons («Up», «Down», «Left», «Right») Xbox 360 triggers («A», «B») Xbox 360 L2/L3 buttons («L-Start», «L-Guide») Xbox 360 ZR shoulder buttons («X», «Y», «Z») These changes come in handy when playing from home due to the fact that playing the game with the controller gives you the freedom to use your trigger buttons (mouse up and down) and face buttons (make your own commands). Each match you play can be saved as a session. Save files can then be shared with other players, allowing you to easily make replays for the matches you wish to share. The program uses OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) for capture. OBS allows the program to stream your gameplay to YouTube and other streaming services. The program implements the INI file format. It means that the settings you make are saved in a single file. Load-time speed has been improved by not reading the INI file on startup (the program only needs to load the actual bindings on startup). Please note that it is known that there are certain bindings which cannot be read and may not work properly. The developer will regularly update the bindings that are not working, but it is strongly recommended to open a support ticket in the support section. Catch all: Version 0.1.5 (v0.2): Added: "User Defined" mode Added: "High Resolution Mode" Added: "Options" and "Undo" buttons in the "Backpack" Added a5204a7ec7

The Enchanted Gamepad Activation Code is designed to work perfectly with the MOBA game League of Legends. As the other devices in the line are not up to the challenge, this is the best for MOBA gaming! It features: - Xbox 360 Controller - 3 20-pin 3.5mm plugs on the bottom (PS3 Pro only) - Micro USB charger in the back - 4 more on the back to provide additional power to the device. - 6 1/8" (22mm) stereo audio jack on top, to connect a headphone or your own microphone. - 1 VGA video connector on the top (PS3 Pro only) - Batteries included Enchanted Gamepad Video Demo: Support on this product is provided by the developer. For support on the art or design of the product, please contact them directly. Instructions on how to use the product can be found at: Enchanted Gamepad Software Overview: Once purchased, the buyer will receive a license key via e-mail. Upon receipt of this license, they can download the Enchanted Gamepad software from The package contains a DLL for WIN64 systems, 2 software binaries, and a readme file. These binaries are intended for Psuport / disabled users. They allow the Enchanted Gamepad to be used with 2 different methods. The first one (Program.dll) is meant to be used as a native 64 bit application. It is intended to be used on ANY system that can run a 64 bit version of windows. The other version (Program.dll.old) is intended to be used on ANY system that has a PAE enabled processor. This version works in 32 bit on 64 bit operating systems. 1. Download the dll Download the dll package (EnchantedGamepad\bin\release\Psuport_64bit\Gamepad.dll) to a folder on your desktop. The files are located in the Enchanted Gamepad folder as well. Double click on the dll. If you get prompted for the installer, go ahead and install. 2. Download the binaries Download the Win32 application (EnchantedGamepad\bin\release\PS


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